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Flight rising; PyreAegis
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When you see yourself in a competitor’s video
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Most photogenic cat ever

after a wee bit of trauma yesterday, today has just been a very, very, VERY lazy day.

I didn’t go anywhere.

And I hardly did anything except coli-grind on FR and write stuff.

And it’s only 7:30 right now…  but I’m so drawn to my bed right now.

=_=  so lazy, I almost feel bad about it.

and the goddamn maintenance people didn’t come today to check out my bathroom sink. 


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Swan Queen Emoting 1

Regina: p(´⌒`。q) ...
Emma: ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ !
Regina: Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑) ??
Emma: (#´ー´)-♨♡
Regina: ...
Regina: (n˘v˘•)¬ ♡♡~
Emma: ヘ(´ ▽`).。o♡♡♡ !!
Emma and Regina: ♡♡✩⃛*(ღᴖ ᴈ ᴖ)´ ˘ `ღ)*✩⃛♡♡



Honestly, I would watch an entire season of Regina just throwing things.


Cups, potions, Emma up against a wall, apples. You name it, I’d watch it.  

I like how that was just slipped right in there, very nice


Kung Fu Panda 2 + Scenery

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